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Certificate Requirements

Certificate Requirements

Programmable Logic Controller

Certificate  |  TC-620-1

Start Dates: August, January


First Semester

Course #Course TitleCreditsPrerequisites/Comments

605-152SCADA Concepts2620-136SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. This course will focus on industrial applications of acquiring data from PLC based equipment using industrial and Ethernet networks. Display of data will use industrial display terminals such as the Allen-Bradley Panel View and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet using DDE technology. Additional applications utilizing ASCII text strings and HyperTerminal will be investigated.

620-135PLC Introduction2620-155 | or instructor approvalPrinciples of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) including programming the PLCs, creating basic ladder logic circuits containing basic logic functions, timers, counters, and sequencers. Emphasis is on basic PLC functions to assist one in servicing and troubleshooting PLC controlled equipment. The Allen Bradley PLC 5/03 and Micrologix family of PLCs are used. May get instructor approval instead of taking prerequisite(s).

620-136PLC Applications3620-135Design and add documentation to ladder logic programs to solve application problems. PLC applications examples as used in industry will be programmed on real industry equipment utilizing a wide variety of various sensors, photoelectric, proximity, motor drives, and control devices creating working automated systems.

620-148Automated Systems Interfacing4620-136Hands-on interfacing of PLC's, operator interfaces, sensors, and various automated equipment to create a work cell level of automation. Gain experience in programming, wiring, and configuration. Learn the troubleshooting and programming of a more complex process.

620-155Industrial Electronics I2Concepts of basic industrial control electronics. Fundamentals of ladder logic and control wiring. Reading and interpreting ladder logic, wiring diagrams, and one-line diagrams used in industry. Using Actrix Technical by Auto Desk to create ladder logic for applications. The importance of using wire numbers and wire color codes in accordance with NFPA 79 (National Fire Protection Association) standards. The students will work with and gain knowledge of the following components: transformers, power supplies, fuses, disconnect switches, circuit breakers, relays, solenoids, pressure switches, limit switches, timers, latching relays, push buttons, and selector switches.



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Total Credits Required: 13

2.0 Minimum Certificate GPA Required for Completion

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